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A couple in the Bronx work to take care of their parents, children, and several other family members. As nurses living in New York City, they struggle to support their family. Last month, both caught COVID while treating patients. Having COVID prevented them from working for an extended time. Unfortunately, this time exceded their sick time, and to make matters worse, they couldn’t get paid sick leave because their employers had over 500 workers. This is a travesty. Government officials call our health care providers heroes, yet, they fail to support them when they get sick saving lives. We can’t allow this to continue. If you believe that health care working shouldn’t be penalized for getting sick and deserve the help they need to support their families, then sign and share this petition. As one, we can’t achieve victory, but together, our victory is secured.


What the New FMLA & Sick Leave Act means and DO YOU Qualify???

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