Petition to pass H.R. 40 – Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act

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Congress must pass H.R. 40 to begin the process of repaying African Americans for hundreds of years of forced labor and oppression.  In “A vast wealth gap, driven by segregation, redlining, evictions, and exclusion, separates black and white America ” Trymaine Lee reported that the median family wealth for white Americans to be $171,000, but only $17,600 for people.”  This wealth divide is centuries in the making and existed at the birth of this country.  It creates an inequality in opportunities for black Americans that prevent many blacks from buying homes, attending quality schools, and providing for their children.  For centuries, Americans created and maintained an unequal playing field between whites and blacks that must be fixed.  The only way to fix centuries of exploitation and inequality is to create legislation that repays blacks for their lost wealth.  Sign this petition so American will begin the journey of repenting for its original sin.

Danny Glover on reparations bill: Policy is moral, democratic — an economic imperative.

Roll Call SUBSCRIBE   Danny Glover, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Cory Booker, among others, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday to testify regarding HR 40. The bill would form a commission to study the effects of slavery and search for possible avenues for reparations.

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